Recently, we found many Bridgestone tires, which are unsuitable for Hong Kong's road condition and weather, are selling in the market. The sales of those tires are both inresponsible and dangerous, without concerns for the safety of the drivers and the passengers

Security silver label on tread surface

We hereby announce that both Bridgestone and Tong Seng Company would not accept any claims for product defects and liability caused by parallel imported tires. This is because the production, the rubber compound, the construction and the structure of the parallel imported tires are not made to the specification for Hong Kong and Macau. In addition, they may have been stored in unsuitable condition, in unsuitable way and for long years. All of which would affect the quality of the tire itself. To allow consumer to distinguish the parallel imports from the geniune imports, we have introduced silver label on the tire tread and geniune import security label on the tire sidewall (as illustrated in the diagram above).

All geniune imported Bridgestone tires are import by our company from Bridgestone Corporation through their headquarter in Japan. All the tires have been approved for use in Hong Kong and Macau by the Gobal Safety Department of Technical Division. Hence, the consumers can be 100% sure the geniune tires' safety has reached to the highest standard for use in Hong Kong and Macau.

Tong Seng Company, Limited